Episode 4

The Battles of Breast Cancer

In this episode, Dr. Nicole Robinson and her cohost, trauma therapist Simmone Kilgore, talk about the battles you go through when battling breast cancer. You need strong support when battling such illness and they talk about what the realities are facing this battle. They share their experience with the illness, may it be personal or through someone close to them. We cope differently with the different negative instances in our lives but it’s important to always remember that there is hope and we are strong. 

Episode Highlights

02:24 When we talk about inequities in education or healthcare, the social determinants of health, let us understand that black and brown people suffer from all illnesses or diseases far worse than all other races and nationalities of people. 

05:44 So with the audience, please, early detection is key. You have to recognize when things are happening in your body. 

09:44 But every time I have to think about and relieve that conversation of stage four, it’s a mental health trip. It’s like my reminder, my trigger, that I’m still going through this thing. 

14:28 You are not Cancer. You are not Breast Cancer. You are not stage four. It is not you. 

15:12 You want to recognize it for yourself. The work that you do to encourage other people, you have to recognize the toll it takes on you. 

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