Episode 7

Transforming Traumas into Healing Conversations w/Anastasia Stevenson Part 2

Stories of Survival - Book Series Part 2

Book Title: The Evolution of Me: From Trial to Triumph Through Breast Cancer

Author: Anastasia Stevenson | Visit her online at www.evolutionofmellc.com

In this episode, Dr. Nicole Robinson and her cohost, Trauma Therapist Simmone Kilgore, speak with Author & Breast Cancer Survivor, Anastasia Stevenson about breast cancer and what led to writing her book: The Evolution of Me. She speaks of being a thriver versus being a survivor and continuing to push through the adversities of breast cancer.  She shares how her book was formed through her journal entries but was God-ordained.  She talks of the insanity of breast cancer and being diagnosed at 34 years of age and shares her perspective as a wife and mother.  The trauma of hearing “you have breast cancer” but talks of the support received from her husband. Sharing intimate details that put her marriage to the test. Survivor trauma bonds and a diagnosis that led her son to also write a book “Mommy has cancer.”  Her heartfelt inspirational story touches the heart and soul. In her parting words, she shares that evolution is about overcoming any obstacle."

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